Lanay + Alonzo| Family

I absolutely adore this family! Feels like just yesterday I was taking their wedding pictures, and now with two absolutely perfect little boys! They stole my heart.

Families change.  Quickly.  Life happens and we get busy building our futures.  During this time our family is changing and our children are growing up way too quickly.  Before you know it they are graduating high school and moving off to college.  No more tiny feet pitter-pattering into your bedroom.  After they move out it is difficult to get everyone together again for a family portrait.  Take advantage of capturing the memories of your family while you can – before it’s too late.  These portraits will be priceless treasured heirlooms for generations to come.  They bring us back in time.  They are a part of our legacy. I always want to strive to capture the “story” of your family and when you look at those portraits, I want you to feel the emotions, the love, the connection.

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