Emily + Jeff

Emily and Jeff destination engagement session at Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon in Page made all my desert dreams come true. We woke up early that morning and had a little road trip to Page Arizona to take their engagement photos in some surreal desert landscape.

We met in front of the tour office and piled into a safari vehicle together. After a short, bumpy ride, we pulled up to the entrance of the slot canyon. Made me feel like we were about to embark on an Indiana Jones adventure! Once we got inside the view was insanely beautiful! The way the light peaked through the canyon had us mesmerized. And these lovers were just embracing it all together so crazy in love.

Next we headed to Horseshoe Bend. The view was even more spectacular than I had imagined. We explored the different areas of the bend. Heights doesn’t scare Emily & Jeff the same way it scares me! They cozzied up to the edge of the cliff more than a few times. I had so much fun with these two. They really are so absolutely perfect together.


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