Singapore River Cruise

So excited to share our experience to Singapore with you all. We spent 3 days there and it was insanely out of this world. I was so impressed with their architecture, creativity and cleanliness. The first night we took the metro and headed to the River to see the light show. The Singapore river cruise provided us with a relaxing and lovely experience of enjoying the skyline & light show from the comforts of boat sailing by the bay. The entire experience is for about 45 minutes and is worth every Cent. We did the cruise at night and feel that’s the best time because we saw the lights in full glory. Along the way, you’ll see Clarke Quay, Boat Quay, numerous bridges, Raffles Statue, Merlion and Marina Bay. I do highly recommend. It was so romantic experiencing this with just my husband and I.

Urban Jungle

Singapore is full of surprise. Half of Singapore is covered in green, lending to the slogan “City in a Garden.” Singapore prides itself on the way the beauty of nature harmoniously and visibly coexists with the modern development of this rocketing cityscape.


The Merlion figure with the head of a lion and body of a fish perched on a wave became so popular it became a cultural icon. It represents Singapore’s origins as a fishing village. The original name was Singapura or “lion city” in Malay.


Gain insights into Singapore’s rich, multi-ethnic culture by visiting some of the country’s oldest places of worship, located in the heart of Chinatown.

Marina Bay SkyPark

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark really offers a taste of the highlife by viewing Singapore from above. This large wooden decked area on top of iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel at the edge of the city’s harbor offers a 360-degree panorama, with nothing but a sheet of glass and a few wires between you and the view. Absolutely incredible!

Singapore Art Museum

I wasn’t sure quite what to expect entering the Singapore Art Museum. I was pleasantly surprised with the building and its old world feel with crazy modern architecture inside. The art was amazing to say the lease, and It encompasses many types of creative modern art, such as photography, painting, sculpture, video, interactive exhibits, and others produced from the mid-20th century onwards.

Orchid Garden

The Botanic Gardens and Orchid Garden are beautiful and worth taking a scroll down the”hidden” pathways. There are not only plenty of different types of orchids there but also other types of flowers in the orchid garden. It is such a delight to appreciate the fascinating flowers.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay was one of the highlights of our trip. Walking through the futuristic forests felt like walking into another planet. The best time to see it is at night when they have the light show. But first we headed to the the top, to Bay restaurant to get the most incredible view of the city and Marina Bay.


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