Tucker Family

Today is officially the first day of winter, even though it’s felt like Winter since November with the chilly air and early snow. Seems like Fall was cut short this year. Every year winter feels so long and so dark and dreary, fall is always filled with gorgeous fall colors, but THIS, this is what I love. After the leaves have fallen and the bright greens have faded to yellow – that’s my favorite time of year to photograph sessions (as long as it doesn’t get too cold out by then!).

Our lives are littered with love all year round even though we feel it more at some times than others–I keep thinking about how we lose the people we love and then find them again, lose ourselves and then find ourselves again. Lots of times without realizing it, until we’re found once more. So like the seasons changing maybe it’s all one cyclical round of knowing and forgetting, losing and finding, seeking and discovering. Some days that sounds like a big ball of tired to me, but mostly I want to welcome that search with open hands.


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