Girl’s Trip

Recently I had the absolute pleasure to travel with some of the most beautiful souls to some pretty amazing islands in the Caribbean sea! This was my very first “Girl’s Trip” and to be honest I was a bit nervous to go without my hubby, especially finding out I would be 4 months pregnant on this trip. But wow was it worth it! A big piece of my heart was shaped after this experience with these incredible women.

Okay let me tell you a little about our trip! We were super excited to start exploring the Caribbean Islands! Our first stop was Turks & Caicos. The water in Turks & Caicos is the prettiest blue and the temps stay between 75-80. We rented a Golf Cart and cruised up and down the tiny island looking for the best beaches. saw a few donkeys and kinda got lost on the way back to our ship. But it was such a fun, relaxing, and BEAUTIFUL place! 1L6A08041L6A14301L6A0835N21L6A101961L6A09791L6A09171L6A14661L6A08491L6A14491L6A09091L6A08911L6A141971L6A16171L6A1431

Next stop was the beautiful Island of Dominican Republic. We first stopped to visit the Altos de Chavón in La Romana. Altos de Chavón is a re-creation of a Mediterranean style European village located atop the Chavón River in La Romana, Dominican Republic. It is the most popular attraction in the city and hosts a cultural center, an archeological museum, and an amphitheater. It was absolutely breath taking with all the detail! Then we took off to a nearby white sand beach to eat and drink some coconut juice!


Next stop was Curaçao, definitely my favourite Island. So full of colour and detail, this tiny island in the Caribbean just thrilled me! Curaçao is an aria of colors in every sense of the concept. You know the lovely Dutch buildings of Amsterdam? Add exuberant Caribbean paint colors, Spanish and African influences, plus a bay to reflect it all, and you’ve got the visual glory of Curaçao!


Final stop was Aruba! Although our time was so brief here, I loved Aruba and want to go back with my husband and children in the near future. I loved how familiar it felt, how clean it was, how gorgeous the beaches were, how warm the water was, how good the food was, how we found European influences everywhere. It was easy to get to, easy to get around on and we felt safe the entire time. 1L6A285290001L6A28441L6A29011L6A27431L6A2805


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