Alcina Skye

I don’t get the chance to photograph too many newborns over the busy season, so it’s lovely to be able to share 10 day old baby Alcina’s photos with you today. Alcina really made us work for our sleepy shots, she was not settling without a fight! At one stage her mom asked me what would happen if he didn’t go to sleep, and for once I was a bit lost for an answer, because they always go to sleep eventually! And so it proved with Alcina, and once she was asleep she was absolutely perfect, so peaceful and such a beautiful baby.

I think that a lot of expectant moms look at my newborn photos, see lovely sleepy babies and imagine that the sessions are quick and peaceful, with no crying or spewing or worse… One of these days I’m going to take a photo every 10 minutes during the session, to show that really, most of the time is spent nursing, feeding and cuddling, that it can take a couple of hours to get a baby to sleep, and that from a 2-3 hour session I’ll take most of the photos in a blog post in about 15 minutes! Some things are just worth waiting for.


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