Johnson Family

You guys, I have a confession. I’m in love with this family!

I met Tabitha a while back and instantly fell in love with her kind authentic personality. She’s the type of person just about everyone loves, I mean we loved her so much we kinda adopted her into our family. It was an honor to get to work with Oscar & Tabitha and their beautiful children. They seriously were so much fun! The kids were so sweet and full of so much personality! We had a shoot in San Buenaventura , and it was a beautiful day. We drove out to the river and took pictures as we went, the backdrop was incredible with the sun shining through the trees, and the river was absolutely breathtaking. But my favorite part was how much fun everyone had. I’m still smiling over this session.



One thought on “Johnson Family

  1. Thank you Noline! These are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for bringing my dream to reality. I’m so impressed with what you had to go through to get these shots! Your are an amazing photographer! 💕


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