This Phoenix family session was one of my favorites for a number of reasons – cute kids, easy-going parents, a gorgeous evening. The light was perfect, it wasn’t 197 degrees, and I got to get away from the cold in Minnesota for a few days. This beautiful girl means so much to me. She has always been such a loving supportive friend to me and my sisters. It was such an honour to travel to Arizona and do this for her. To be able to do this kind of session, to capture these families that I care so much about, really truly made my heart feel full and reminded me why I do this photography thing.1L6A515131L6A51831L6A51401L6A5805121L6A545941L6A553771L6A559733381L6A54153391L6A55681L6A5498-251L6A5642101L6A58651L6A59471L6A59871L6A59751L6A60271L6A608422-21L6A61031L6A6099201L6A6032-2


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