I’m so excited to share with you all our recent trip to Ireland. The experience was way more then I ever expected. We started off in the oh so charming city of Dublin. It is steeped in history. It is a very walkable city and so we chose to walk everywhere to restaurants and attractions. You’ll pass through one of the oldest and most interesting neighborhoods in Dublin. The residents are always friendly, helpful and approachable. We found it to be safe to walk during the day and evening hours. Horse and carts, live music every where, breathtaking museums and some of the best tasting food I’ve ever had. I highly recommend the restaurant Fade Street Social!1L6A20741L6A20991L6A20691L6A20481L6A20981L6A15441L6A21701L6A2127211L6A21441L6A2065191L6A20331L6A205491L6A21851L6A18831L6A16651L6A20141L6A18781L6A200317s1L6A19201L6A1917141L6A18341L6A18311L6A18901L6A18291L6A18641L6A16471L6A17791L6A1825151L6A1817201L6A16581L6A1807161L6A16601L6A1900111L6A1745131L6A17171L6A167910Next day we were off to explore the breathtaking Slieve League Cliffs, set in the south of Donegal, stopping and exploring along the way. We stopped at the small towns and saw some more breathtaking views. We came upon rolling cliffs with the view of a private castle. It was a unexpected highlight on our trip.We met some very friendly people and ate some homemade Irish food. 1L6A15001L6A14901L6A14851L6A14061L6A15841L6A14981L6A15171L6A12721l6a1217-21L6A11291L6A12541L6A11151L6A10691L6A10991L6A11021L6A10631L6A10521L6A027311L6A09051L6A06551L6A06111L6A0636ss1L6A07851L6A081121L6A06991L6A08181L6A09691L6A05561L6A09611L6A0557Next we were off to visit The Giants Causeway. It was quite a long drive but was so worth it. The view was out of this world. The pictures just don’t do it justice. The Giants Causeway is truly one of Ireland’s best natural wonders. Formed by volcanic eruptions over 50 million years ago, the lava cooled rapidly forming over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. Most noteworthy The Giants causeway is the best example of this type of rock formation in the world.aaaa1L6A038131L6A03631L6A03761L6A03721L6A99571L6A007271L6A02831L6A02621L6A033161L6A0168==21L6A01481L6A02571L6A01331L6A00411L6A98621L6A13241L6A12821L6A98531L6A98901L6A9870And last but mos definitely not least, The Cliffs Of Moher! When you visit Ireland you will not want to miss the majestic views and magical views of the Cliffs of Moher. The beauty is mesmerizing, the views phenomenal. A lonely round, stone tower (O’Brien’s) stands on the Cliffside, built in 1835. Once you scale the tight staircase narrowly dodging the tourists coming down you could quite possibly be blown off the sides if it wasn’t for the high stone wall. But the outlook is worth it as you become hypnotized by the ocean crushing against the cliffs as far as the eye can see.1L6A34761L6A38481L6A388741L6A34055I wish I would have gotten more photos of the amazing castles we stayed in. I was so pleasantly surprised at every castle we arrived to. I felt kinda like a princess. gl0phmzwajncz67jtsej31dj7cctlpsbpirkpzejmonrfvjwrmpn6jvohpylqi8wxwebxydftlnl345b6og