Sometimes I tell families they just have to pretend to like each other while we are taking pictures. HA! But this family did not have to pretend. I hardly had to direct them at all, and I usually got distracted from taking pictures of one group of happily cuddling people, because other people were happily cuddling or playing in gorgeous light directly behind me, just because that’s what they do. It was a dreamy  sunset session, and if I could do one just like it every day, I’d be a happy lady. 1L6A28231L6A2857-21L6A28021L6A21961L6A29551L6A24641L6A28581L6A26621L6A21101L6A29471L6A24021L6A30481L6A30221L6A29411L6A29341L6A29921L6A17491L6A30561L6A29701L6A21821L6A19701L6A19511L6A18781L6A27401L6A28741L6A2869=21L6A2740


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