Oh my… what can I say about Nelson + Itzelle’s effortlessly beautiful wedding day?With perfect weather, the sweetest family + friends, and a focus on family + God, their day was nothing short of magical. 1L6A48661L6A48821L6A47861L6A4938_121L6A50561L6A4907-31L6A51591L6A51341L6A519841L6A52071L6A53121L6A53491L6A53441L6A54181L6A54511L6A54251L6A61481L6A60961L6A62311L6A58631L6A56461L6A55581L6A5742_11L6A67061L6A69491L6A70801L6A70911L6A68331L6A68081L6A69181L6A70151L6A80171L6A77971L6A78491L6A80601L6A80331L6A80231L6A80411L6A71751L6A72861L6A73631L6A74161L6A74131L6A74331L6A75341L6A83561L6A83861L6A84381L6A84501L6A85061L6A88671L6A88201L6A8849


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