So excited to share a few highlights from our trip to Greece with you all. I’ve been so busy, and with my dad getting sick and all, it has  made me be so grateful for these moments I get to spend with him. I’ll always hold these moments close to my heart.


First day we arrived early in the evening, spent  2 days in the city of Athens, the weather was great and we stayed in a Hotel with some killer views, overlooking the city. That night we had food and just relaxed and got settled 🙂 In the early morning we ate at the best bakery I’d ever been to. The coffee in Greece is even more addicting then in the U.S. haha, SO GOOD! We took the metro, and headed towards ACROPOLIS which was amazing, not only the site but also the view of the city from the top. Then we also stopped by the PLAKA, ate and did a little bit of shopping. It was a great day and even though we did a lot of walking, it was all done in a very relaxed pace. The last night we were there we explored the beautiful city lights.1L6A93451L6A93401L6A99911L6A93181L6A93371L6A93441L6A94871L6A95151L6A95281L6A95191L6A95301L6A95641L6A95671L6A95991L6A96191L6A96441L6A96561L6A97081L6A97111L6A96301L6A95811L6A96401L6A98011L6A98161L6A99951L6A99021L6A30921L6A31071L6A34031L6A31331L6A31471L6A32031L6A31161L6A31971L6A32291L6A34481L6A34341L6A3388      We had decided to upgrade to high speed fairies to travel from Island to Island. And boy where we glad we did. The Island are a lot further from each other then I thought and getting there faster was one of the best decisions. That day and afternoon we walked through downtown Mykonos and were just amazed at the whole place. We did a lot of shopping, ate, visited the old churches, and of course took tons of pictures. The Resort we stayed in while in Mykonos was definitely my favorite! So beautiful I felt like a queen. Next day we enjoyed the beaches and explored the Island a little more. We ate the best fish I have ever tasted in “Little Italy” a spot where the Italians set up their seasonal restaurants during peek season. Wow do the Italians know how to cook, I must visit Italy soon. We shopped a little more and purchased some beautiful Vintage Tee’s. That Evening we celebrated my sister’s birthday and I did a special photo shoot just for her (coming up soon)1L6A01751L6A04891L6A04271L6A04851L6A04621L6A04091L6A04131L6A13321L6A00511L6A03171L6A00921L6A04361L6A09711L6A03651L6A0343And last but definitely not least we visited the beautiful Island of Santorini. This is what I have been looking forward to the whole trip. Early in the morning we took fairy to the Island of Santorini. I was blown away with this breathtaking island.  After eating some amazing local food we took off to OIA, where we walked along the donkeys up to the city. We didn’t have time to visit Oia for long but we enjoyed the most beautiful sunset I could ever imagine. I felt like I was watching a painting come to life. It was so serene and despite all the people around, It was very peacful. Early in the morining we took a boat trip that goes from the port and we got to visit the VOLCANO, the HOT SPRINGS and THIRASSIA. We also got to see that amazing sun set from sea level. This by far was the highlight of the trip for me. It was a great day and we were glad that we took the boat trip, afterall Santorini is an island and the views from the sea are amazing. We went back to Oia that night to explore the night life a little. If I ever come back to Greece I would come straight to Santorini and spend a whole week here.1L6A13141L6A15861L6A15751L6A16031L6A13581L6A16131L6A16061L6A14611L6A14061L6A15991L6A15711L6A16461L6A16351L6A15621L6A16151L6A16141L6A14361L6A16211L6A13881L6A15001L6A14761L6A13391L6A13341L6A15241231L6A15581L6A22321L6A179511L6A18341L6A18111L6A20431L6A20771L6A21021L6A20751L6A21321L6A20601L6A26051L6A19221L6A18721L6A18631L6A21481L6A24601L6A19981L6A23161L6A21861L6A18531L6A25251L6A23611L6A21661L6A20161L6A30111L6A22111L6A22891L6A26171L6A24181L6A22831L6A21261L6A257521L6A28121L6A3025







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