Adriana + Oscar

I just love fairytale weddings, and Adriana and Oscar’s Catholic wedding ticked all the boxes for a dream come true bash. Their wedding took place in Juarez, Mexico and the location was absolute perfection. I loved the old buildings, went so well with their theme. The stage was studded with fresh, blush hues blooms and a touch of rustic western. Of course, the most beautiful part of this wedding was the so in love couple. 1L6A63661L6A634171L6A62951L6A628611L6A62881L6A651331L6A647681L6A64991L6A65401L6A65261L6A6495121L6A672241L6A67751L6A6759151L6A63011L6A63041L6A64571L6A658121L6A66401L6A644891L6A66761L6A6688131L6A67021L6A6902221L6A71091L6A70551L6A6865231L6A71811L6A70791L6A69751L6A69801L6A70181L6A71901L6A73121L6A72781L6A72551L6A7605-21L6A795011L6A8047-241L6A7948-251L6A759271L6A80821L6A801691L6A78001L6A77701L6A786951L6A75571L6A75701L6A75671L6A7554551L6A74241L6A74351L6A85151L6A82525551L6A8317

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