Varela Family

This growing family was so much fun to work with. We started the day off driving to San Lorenzo to scout out the perfect location for their family shoot. Now a family of four, I was so excited to work with them again and get to know their new little addition. They have the most Gorgeous children, and so well behaved.  I was so blown away with how beautiful their love was for each other, so much I couldn’t be happier for you. 1L6A60971L6A61681L6A61831L6A61731L6A62231L6A61291L6A61991L6A61851L6A62081L6A62271L6A53261L6A53631L6A53011L6A52981L6A53651L6A55801L6A54811L6A54271L6A58801L6A58841L6A58641L6A59061L6A55071L6A53931L6A54151L6A59931L6A59961L6A5686

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