Nelson + Itzell

I’ve always admired this girls beauty, she’s not only beautiful outside but her soul is absolutely breath taking! Nelson is one lucky man! Itzell contacted me as soon as she got engaged! I was very excited to work with these two, I’ve heard so many wonderful things about them. Nelson & Itzell, I know from experience that marriage makes you a better person. I can already see how you each bring out the best in the other, and I could’t be more happy for you. With the wedding approaching fast, I’m honored that you’ve chosen me to capture the next chapter of your story. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy seeing your love through my lenses as much as I did! 1L6A47611L6A47101L6A47511L6A4744_11L6A471391L6A49861L6A347981L6A41021L6A3927=1L6A397931L6A424771L6A44411L6A4548=1L6A4531




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