Kristen + Shawn | Wedding

Timeless, elegant, and effortless are just a few words I’d use to describe Kristen and Shawn’s Mexico destination wedding at Puerto Peñasco, Rocky Point. Kristen rocked her Mother’s wedding dress down the aisle, as Shawn’s jaw dropped to the floor. Her vintage-inspired bridal style and a blue and pastel color palette only enhanced the natural beauty of the seaside venue.  As beautiful as the wedding celebration was aesthetically, what we can’t take our eyes off of are the genuine smiles and joy shared between Kristen and Shawn on their big day. 1L6A664111L6A67281L6A6620K1L6A66511L6A74341L6A67611L6A68101L6A74831L6A77911L6A67711L6A68851L6A682531L6A75451L6A73711L6A73901L6A77751L6A75081L6A760021L6A76511L6A74751L6A76781L6A769241L6A75631L6A75471L6A75621L6A75711L6A758051L6A76471L6A762061L6A80701L6A80721L6A81091L6A84691L6A81481L6A81781L6A84191L6A81901L6A82711L6A82611L6A83341L6A82081L6A85921L6A85051L6A85151L6A85351L6A85251L6A85811L6A83481L6A86561L6A86861L6A86581L6A86871L6A86611L6A86661L6A86591L6A87441L6A8783222=2-21L6A87851L6A88831L6A89351L6A88521L6A88561L6A88641L6A89021L6A59511L6A6345==1L6A90181L6A90901L6A90361L6A91381L6A90501L6A89881L6A91491L6A91231L6A61131L6A91111L6A58641L6A58551L6A59001L6A58921L6A57591L6A59861L6A62271L6A64081L6A62121L6A63291L6A63131L6A61641L6A61541L6A64951L6A6345=1L6A61341L6A90441L6A62751L6A6263


2 thoughts on “Kristen + Shawn | Wedding

  1. Your pictures are so absolutely beautiful, and it is so amazing to see the passion you two have for each other. It was hard for us to think of our wonderful and oldest grandson being old enough to get married, but these pictures really highlight the man you have become Shawn. Grandpa and I sit here with tears in our eyes looking at these, and they also bring a sense of comfort knowing that you have fallen in love with such a wonderful young lady as Kristen. We know that you two will be happy together because of how you shine for each other. We love you.


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