So excited to share this Indian-American fusion wedding with y’all! This day was filled wit beautiful colors, waterfalls, historic chapel and tons of loving family and friend! Micheal & Irene are such a genuine couple, so happy and in love! 1L6A11671L6A09031L6A10321L6A08851L6A11441L6A08901L6A09631L6A11531L6A09861L6A11261L6A10471L6A11941L6A09251L6A12091L6A13061L6A12461L6A093311L6A12031L6A13541L6A12431L6A09531L6A13241L6A10961L6A12661L6A14121L6A1466221L6A138611L6A15271L6A14321L6A144221L6A15431L6A15791L6A15761L6A15901L6A16221L6A15951L6A163611L6A16991L6A17141L6A17261L6A17821L6A17461L6A17561L6A17911L6A17681L6A18121L6A18521L6A1908-21L6A19231L6A20091L6A19691L6A20161L6A19351L6A19901L6A19941L6A26381L6A279511L6A29281L6A288621L6A29021L6A29421L6A28771L6A30491L6A29881L6A31271L6A30191L6A3096

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