They were married at the Copper Canyons in a small, intimate affair surrounded with close family and friends. It was more then just a wedding, they planned a wedding life experience for their guest. The location what epic and Carlos and Terah wanted some epic photos. So we did just that, standing at the ver edge of the canyon. Let me tell ya, I was shaking just being close to it! But they had nerves of steel! They would’ve flied away together if they had wings! All in all, fantastic experience. Can’t wait to go back!1l6a71201l6a706921l6a71111l6a70561l6a697121l6a892921l6a70021l6a89381l6a89041l6a91661l6a86931l6a87381l6a874411l6a900811l6a9028141l6a87961l6a88571l6a88161l6a59441l6a91821l6a60981l6a605341l6a62571l6a586781l6a68391l6a66001l6a65941l6a65291l6a62401l6a60241l6a60441l6a66361l6a66351l6a66669111l6a68281l6a6812-21l6a68111l6a68751l6a68671l6a62011l6a61231l6a61731l6a61541l6a63871l6a63981l6a64021l6a640871l6a64361l6a6485221l6a64771l6a6475222121l6a69101l6a6931131l6a91971l6a72381l6a72321l6a72391l6a72431l6a72621l6a72671l6a72721l6a72491l6a72761l6a73041l6a72301l6a72871l6a73061l6a74331l6a73121l6a73091l6a73471l6a73211l6a73151l6a74001l6a74321l6a74131l6a74721l6a73701l6a75251l6a75731l6a75611l6a75571l6a76171l6a76061l6a81341l6a86271l6a81591l6a82911l6a83021l6a82021l6a83251l6a83331l6a82381l6a86391l6a85491l6a85501l6a85291l6a86321l6a83871l6a83621l6a82761l6a82831l6a84731l6a86511l6a8462

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