I can’t say enough good things about this adorable family! Naomi and her husband are just beautiful together, and their children are a perfect reflection of them. Thank you for once again giving me the absolute honor of photographing your gorgeous family. XO1l6a02801l6a0014_1l6a00241l6a05801l6a02341l6a06251l6a061521l6a01011l6a01001l6a08271l6a02951l6a0416_11l6a04041l6a99661l6a96391l6a96321l6a06657771l6a97361l6a97571l6a05891l6a98031l6a97831l6a06261l6a98051l6a06251l6a06151l6a09191l6a99931l6a04631l6a04741l6a026531l6a08521l6a07341l6a05971l6a43791l6a96711l6a07591l6a42431l6a431851l6a43301l6a42031l6a4226

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