Bronson & Jeannie | Engaged

It’s always hard to watch your little sister grow up & get married. I want to cry just remembering when she was little asking me to play in the sand box with her. She used to build a big house made out of sand and make her little family out of sticks, then we’d play pretend casita together. To think that now she is all grown up and will have her little dream house with her little dream family (sigh) …well it  just gives me butterflies in stomach! I am truly happy for you Jeannie and know that your faith in God has guided you to him, that fills my heart  with joy. The love between you two is so beautiful. The way he looks at you, the way you just glow with happiness & excitement is just the cutest!1l6a63931l6a65591l6a661021l6a65151l6a65711l6a65821l6a64971l6a66191l6a66531l6a7139-21l6a67631l6a65741l6a675631l6a68161l6a64861l6a67211l6a66021l6a68802-21l6a69331l6a706211l6a7087=


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