Alonso & Lanay | Wedding

I am so excited to finally be able to share this dreamy wedding with all of you! Congratulations again Alonso & Lanay! I love that for their wedding they weren’t afraid to be true to themselves. Their love was strong and you can see that when around them. Every moment was beautiful, even when the rain clouds rolled it and it poured while exchanging their vowels, their happiness and excitement remained. I adore these two and couldn’t be more honored to be a part of such a special day. 11l6a5340221l6a49091l6a4866-21l6a54371l6a49111l6a49041l6a50711l6a48831l6a490741l6a49401l6a51381l6a51561l6a51471l6a51231l6a52221l6a52311l6a520221l6a52121l6a5328-21l6a52981l6a54731l6a55041l6a55071l6a55681l6a55211l6a58581l6a59201l6a59741l6a61701l6a59261l6a56901l6a58141l6a58331l6a60561l6a62101l6a61231l6a58321l6a60091l6a60941l6a59811l6a60321l6a58981l6a58911l6a58991l6a59171l6a61061l6a61341l6a61181l6a61611l6a61931l6a61571l6a61461l6a62031l6a62041l6a66001l6a6662_21l6a6639221l6a62631l6a62331l6a62751l6a6726_11l6a67581l6a64061l6a63861l6a64321l6a65651l6a65271l6a64501l6a64751l6a64981l6a70011l6a68941l6a70021l6a69471l6a7044


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