Verlan & Linda | Wedding

What a magical day. Loved being a part of Linda & Verlan’s Wedding. My aunt Jeannie has been like second mother to me. So being able to capture this special time in her and her daughter’s life was an absolute honor. The wedding was perfection from beginning to end. Loved the intimate setting, elegant simplicity of the greenery with touches of gold and romantic candles running down the long tables and people just laughing and enjoying the night away. Congradulations Verlan and Linda! May happiness and love grow in your new home together. God bless.1L6A07181L6A07001L6A08491L6A07121L6A09231L6A08721L6A09471L6A0971==1L6A07271L6A12851L6A12991L6A14391L6A13641L6A13711L6A13861L6A11571L6A14691L6A15071L6A15261L6A15451L6A07611L6A08221L6A07951L6A07751L6A08331L6A07841L6A15631L6A08321L6A15781L6A16031L6A1623=21L6A16481L6A16731L6A16771L6A17261L6A17341L6A18111L6A2060=PRINT1L6A2193-print31L6A1882=-PRINT1L6A2217_11L6A25671L6A2776-21L6A28561L6A286721L6A2720-21L6A27431L6A29071L6A2978==1L6A31101L6A31161L6A35851L6A31231L6A32701L6A33421L6A31851L6A34731L6A3436_11L6A32611L6A38181L6A35501L6A36551L6A37261L6A37311L6A36681L6A35131L6A36821L6A38781L6A39611L6A3902

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