Damaris | Seniors

This beauty was brave enough to climb up a frozen waterfall with me. It was chilly and slippery but she still looked GORGEOUS! Good luck all all your new and exciting adventures Damaris! 10830551_777474072338965_6382033423494456135_o10830551_777474075672298_4892718732538742049_o10830551_777474079005631_5718962037623166406_o10830551_777474082338964_541543314310647385_o10830551_777474069005632_9193916400923945511_o10845815_777474815672224_6128667834207138991_o10845815_777474809005558_4049200155246403110_o10845815_777474819005557_9215870717677705569_o1925999_772952669457772_5688059699664739104_o10847564_772413862844986_36023183730429523_o10847564_772413859511653_6459760115927673496_o


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